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Okay, so I promised this post ages ago, and I really want to be blogging about other stuff in THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY, but I figured I might as well git’r’done.

So here are most of the crafty little things I made people for Christmas. A couple things are missing, because one is in Montana with my sister, and the other (a necklace for Mum made from an antique typewriter key- the “L” for Lee Anne) is mysteriously missing and we have yet to find it.

So here’s everything else.

Teddy Bear Hat for Chance…. I had knitted the hat several months prior to Christmas, and he kept mooning over it and asking if he could have it, so I made it disappear for a while and then turned it into a bear. A very crooked bear.

You can’t see very well from the picture… but these are a pair of patchwork wrist-warmers I made for Tamara. I used an old pair of plaid socks, and bits off an old sheet,  and then embellished with loverly buttons of all kinds. They are very cute, if I do say so myself… heh heh.

And this is probably my favorite… a Panda hat for David. I sewed the hat itself out of an old sweater, and then knitted the ear flaps and sewed the rest on. I love this thing.

Lastly, this is a little notebook that I made for Tam. I tea-stained every page by hand, embellished it with some (also tea-stained) lace, added an inspirational quote on the inside, and topped it off with her name on the front cover. Overall I’m quite pleased with this one… 🙂 Following are some detail shots.

And… that’s all I’ve got for this one! Now I can move on to more current things… so maybe I will. Soon. Ish.



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