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Below My Feet

I think up close
In textures and patterns
Translates down through veins
To hands
Reaching finger thoughts
To push lens closer

When I look at an object, I think about the curve of its surface. I think about IT in focus, WORLD in blur.

If I concentrate, I can feel my veins, all the way down to my fingers, and I realize I’m here. No getting around that.
It’s strange to feel yourself through your fingers. Distant; and your head forgets where it belongs, just for a minute. And your fingers are alive, all on their own, but they don’t know what to do with their new found freedom, so they let it escape back to your mind, where it goes back to the endless mad tumbling. Blown about the pavement of your brain like forgotten newsstand papers. My brain thinks too much, dry leaves tossed and harried by notions and wondering.

Text: July 30th, 2012

Photo: October 2nd, 2012


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Many Curious Things

Sometimes I just say “WHATEVER”, and wear my jeans to bed. If they’re a little bit loose, they’re totally comfortable. Or maybe that’s just me… At any rate, I’ve been viewed skeptically for it before (not gonna say any names *COUGHJAMIECOUGH*), which I just can’t wrap my brain around because really I just kind of want to be able to DO WHAT I WANT THOR (sorry, Internet meme. I don’t expect anyone to get it) and in the long run of things does it really matter if I wear my jeans to bed? Heck, would it even matter if I wore my bra to bed? (Holy crap, just actually said “bra” in a public blog post. Oh the horror) Because sometimes flannel pants and going braless are totally overrated, man. I mean, what about when you suddenly have to get up in the dead of night, when the moon is glowing hazy through the darkening clouds, and be hastened off through the silver dark, wrapping your coarse woolen cloak around you for warmth and safety? Wouldn’t you like to be able to just lace on your sturdy leather boots, grab your knapsack, and head off into the wild adventures? (I bet you’ll start wearing a bra to bed, NOW, ha ha) Because that’s what I would like. I’ll write more on adventuring later, I promise.


In the meantime, people are the craziest things ever. Did you know that some people are seriously crazy enough to marry their pets?! Yeah. I’ve heard of people loving their dog or their cat so much that they got married to it. I have no words for this. None. BUT WAIT. THERE’S MORE. Yeah, it gets even better(?). I read this article online one time, that was about this guy in China, who MARRIED HIS PILLOW. HIS PILLOW, PEOPLE. I KID YOU NOT. I’m talking, like put a wedding dress on it, and drew a face on complete with lipstick. Sometimes I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


Furthermore, let me tell you about the people I have fallen in love with. I’ll start with Tucker. In 2009, myself and my partner in crime (the Short Ginger) traveled down to Southern Idaho to attend the very 1st “Writers @ Harriman”. It is a small scale camp located in the beautiful Harriman State Park, and it is dedicated to helping High School students that show writing promise to improve, broaden their minds, and learn more about the writing they love to do. It was truly a gratifying and eye opening experience, and I’m very glad we went. Anyhow, halfway through the week, they took the whole camp (less than 30 total) on a trail ride. We were all Jr. age and up, so they led us (or rather, the horses) up one of their steepest, longest trails, that took us right up to the top of the Caldera Rim, which mostly encircles the park. It was definitely the highlight of the week. Also there were four cowboys leading the trail ride. Now, THAT’S where things get interesting… Even if pressed, I would never be able to remember the names of three of those young, dashing cowboys. But the fourth one was named Tucker. He had a pleasant, cleanshaven face that had been tanned almost golden, the bluest blue eyes you ever saw, and lips so full you couldn’t help but stare. I was the last person to be paired with a horse, and when he was the one to lead that horse over, I probably nearly had a minor heart attack. He offered me help in mounting the horse if I needed it, but my sixteen year old self was, lamentably, a showoff, and so OF COURSE I could get on a horse by myself… It only occurred to me later that it would have been in my best interest to pretend like I did need help…

The next man I fell in love with was very different, and in a way I’m still very much in love. He was a man with sandy hair, scars on his face, and he played with fire. He was the most lost soul, and for so long never found what he longed for. He did, eventually, but I still love him. He wasn’t particularly a good man, but he definitely wasn’t a bad man. He was a weasel, for sure, and he weaseled his way into my heart and made me weep more than once. Even now, when I think back to him, my heart aches for him. But I won’t tell you his name. I don’t feel like it.

And then I fell in love with Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston and it all went downhill from there. Because of reasons.

Finally, I fell in love with someone else, and I’m not going to tell you anything about THAT. So there.


Also, the following pictures are definitely an accurate representation of who I am.

Because My Sketchbook, The Avengers, Ugly Dolls, My Kitty, and Elf
Ears sum me up pretty good.

And I REALLY REALLY Love The Avengers… but why no Loki on the cover?? D:

And this ^ is how my blog posts are made.


I should definitely be done with this post by now, or everyone will start to hate it. So, here, have a pictures of some glass bottles, and soon I’ll post about how God reminded me that wind is my favorite element.


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