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So. Sammiches are amazing, amirite?

They are a wonderful combination of bread, and anything delish you can think of to stuff inside them. Peoples always be like “yo lemme see what new ah-mazing things I can think of to put in this here sammich” and sometimes (alotta the time) that there sammich just turns out kinda weird.

Gotta say, sometimes peoples awesome ideas aren’t awesome. They’re just stupid.

Yeah. People have stupid ideas sometimes.

But I don’t, so we’re all good here.

SO! What happens when you take these here ingredients, and put them all together??


See, we got ourselves some bread, some bacon, some apple slices, some cream cheese (food of the gods, I might add) and some good local honey (also food of the gods).

So what can you do with these?


Well first you can do this… ^


And then you can do this… ^

And then you can pop that puppy into a cast-iron pan and fry it up nice and hot and you get this:


And yes, it is amazing. Hot and melty and bacony and a li’l bit sweet from that beautiful honey.



To further concrete the amazing qualities of sammiches, here is a lovely video my boyfriend made several years ago. I still can’t watch it without laughing my head off!

Peace! -Al


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So. Cajeta. It is a magical substance, a cinch to make, and almost nobody knows what it is, especially when it’s called by name.

Goat’s milk caramel, people. That’s what we’re talking about here. It is wonderful. Smooth, creamy, so full of flavor.

I could eat this stuff with a spoon.

And do so. Frequently.


It only calls for four ingredients, and one is water. So basically you take a full gallon of raw goat’s milk, 4 cups of natural sugar, a few tablespoons of water, and a teaspoon of baking soda, and roughly three hours later you have caramel.


Also lots of foaming. And, if you get distracted, a little bit of overflowing. But as long as you don’t let it scorch, you’re totally good to go!


And then you end up with something like the above. Nearly two quarts of thick, perfect caramel. (Correction- it’s actually more of a caramel sauce.) It is amazing on ice cream….


In coffee….


And in this magical experiment that I will FoodBlog about later. (:


I may possibly be selling my Cajeta and other mostly-natural baked goods at upcoming Farmer’s Markets, and if that is to be, I shall definitely announce it.

For the moment I shall be relegated to FoodBlogging and making anyone who reads this jealous.

Peace! -Al

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