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“If your body is a temple, why not decorate the walls?”

I read that quote today, and I don’t know who said it.

Similarly, I don’t know exactly what I think of it.

Part of me wants to get tattoos, and here’s why.

I wouldn’t just get any old tattoos, I would get words. Beautiful, intricate, delicate, exquisite words.
They would not be meaningless words.

They would each have significance.

I would get a new word every year, and each word would be a description, an ongoing telling of





my creator.

Each word’s sole purpose would be to glorify my God, my creator, the artist who formed every single piece of me with capable hands.

And when people asked me what the words were for, I would tell them

“when i was built, these words were carved into my skin, my flesh. they have always been here. i am just shining the light upon them”

Literary Tattoos

(I take no credit for the picture, I just found it on Pinterest!)


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