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Life is just too dang short.

You forget that, and you hold back. You get nervous, or scared, and don’t do things that you should do. You don’t say things that you should say, because you’re afraid that the time’s not right. But if the time’s always not right, then when will it be?

You have got to stop waiting. It’s time to be amazing. Even if being amazing only entails being glad to go to work. Or being thankful that you’ve got the things that you have got.

You’ve got to be amazing because if you don’t start sometime, you’ll only have a few years left to be amazing. And I know that you’ve got plenty of amazing to add to this world, so how can you keep holding that back?

If you compare the things that scare you now to things in life that are truly terrifying, you might start to realize that it’s silly to be scared of those things. You might start to realize that it’s easier than you think to conquer those fears, and when you do you’ll be able to look back and laugh at how silly you were to fear these things.

And so I urge you, next time you become scared of something, and you wonder if maybe you shouldn’t really be frightened, decide that you don’t have time for this. Fear does not control you, or any part of your life.

Decide that the time for being afraid is over, and be amazing.

Life is too short to be afraid.



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