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I think sometimes it’s important for us to write stories that are painful for us to write. 

Stories that feel like they’re wrenching themselves from our very souls. 

Stories that hurt a little too much because they’re real; they’re what we’re actually feeling deep inside. 

I think it’s important because there is going to be someone who reads that, and thinks I hurt like that. They’re writing about me, how did they know. 

And there is something so important about that connection that we, as the reader, make with the writer. 

I recently read a book by Donald Miller- possibly my favorite writer of all time- and in this book he wrote about how it felt to be so heartbroken that it feels like your chest is ripping open and you’re bleeding out. He wrote about the visceral, physical pain of heartache. 

I cried when I read that; I sat in the living room in the dark and sobbed. 

I cried for Don, because it broke my heart to read about his pain, and I cried because I know what that pain is like. 

I cried because I know what it’s like to hurt like this. You’re writing about me, Don, how did you know. 

And in a way I felt stronger after that. 


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