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Do ALL the things

Or, you know, none of them.

I wanna do all the things, so I usually end up doing nothing. HA.

I’ll probably have a job soon, baking for a coffee shop. I’ll most likely know within the week, so I’ll update again if that happens. Though I’m not excited about the idea of getting up at 3am, it will be good for me to have some routine back in my life.

Currently I’m just sleeping in, making food, staring at my in progress novel for hours on end without actually writing anything, listening to the same 15 songs on repeat, and adding things to the never ending list of creative projects I want to do.

Here’s where that list sits right now:
-Write main novel, Incipient.
-Write novella, Brittlebone.
-Write novella, Mastadon.
-Create cohesive comic starring Maskaal, the farce.
-Create photo project focusing on hands.
-Decide whether or not I want to actually write out one of the spookiest story ideas I’ve ever come up with.
-Draw satisfactory portraits of my characters from Incipient.

So yeah, I’ve got a lot on my mind.

I got a new tattoo before I left Idaho, in memory of Chance. I’ll have to blog about that sometime soon, because it ties in with the tattoo I got for David. Sure didn’t plan on getting these inky memories this soon, or this close together.

Socializing tip: telling people you’ve just met that two of your brothers died in the past year doesn’t make a very good “about me” topic. It’s important, but too sad and no fun. So there’s that.

I can’t remember what box I packed my inking pens into, and I really want them. What a drag.

Besides driving up to Brooklyn for a Bastille concert two days after we got here, we haven’t done anything particularly exciting. There’s bugs that scream outside our window at night. We went to a really rad restaurant uptown that had some mighty fine food, and the best banana pudding I’ve ever had (they put homemade marshmallow on top and then torch it before serving).

It’s neither difficult nor unpleasant sharing a house with other married folks-at least from my perspective ha ha- but I’m looking forward to finding a place of our own, once we have jobs and funds saved up. Housing isn’t too difficult to find here, you just have to be quick on the draw, because good deals go fast.

I probably had more to say, but I got distracted watching Youtube videos, and now I’m listening to Hans Zimmer’s Coachella performance, so I’m gonna wrap up.

Talk at y’all later ❤


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