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This is where I become stuck. When asked about myself, my mind teems with things. Random facts, things I like, things I'm currently obsessed with, things that drive me crazy. I think about words I like, days I like, people I like, how much I hate spiders and elephants. I think about my ginger cat that I adore. How I love combat boots and flannel shirts and Supernatural and C.S. Lewis and useless facts about Victorian fashion. My family is too big, my house is too small. (I'm 21 but still feel 17.) I bite my nails and crack my knuckles and write furiously and then go days, weeks, without writing a word. I can be very bad at communication, and don't like talking things out, and tend to bottle things up. I can sew and knit and draw and write and make costumes and make things fit into impossible spaces and clean and cook and do stage makeup and fix hair and do photography, but most days I just do nothing. (I am so lazy.) I'm a dreamer and a hope-er and a pray-er, but sometimes I become depressed and cynical. I love good food and being with people who I'm completely comfortable around and card games. Crowds of people make me have anxiety, as does going to the dentist. (I have introverted tendencies.) My favorite things include coffee, chocolate, kitten whiskers, hands, woodsmoke and fire, handmade paper, fanfiction, and the full moon in a starry, starry sky. And I think all these things, but can never say them.

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