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Well, we pulled an all night drive on Friday, so we made it through most of Montana, all of South Dakota, and all the way down the border of Iowa before stopping for the night in St. Joseph, Missouri. 

Pardon us if we were less than impressed with the Midwestern states- in our defense we only saw what there is to see from the interstate, and we were also sleep deprived!

Today we passed through Kansas City, which was surprisingly pretty in some spots, and will be going through St. Louis and Nashville later on today. I saw my first real live cardinal, and we saw sweet roadside justice being served to a guy who had sped by us going ​waaayy over the speed limit. 

We definitely aren’t playing the tourist with this trip, which we’re more than okay with. The days leading up to us leaving were so busy, the whole Missoula debacle was exhausting, and we’re so sleep deprived. We just want to make it to our new home and crash as much as possible before heading up to the Bastille concert in Brooklyn this Thursday. 

Yes, we’re going to a concert in Brooklyn four days after we move to North Carolina. It was my Christmas present to Seth, so there’s no way we’re going to miss it! 

We’ll be arriving in Charlotte really late tonight, probably 2 or 3am. Not ideal, but it was imperative that we sleep as much as we did last night, so we’re okay with it being late. 

Has anyone heard of Wall Drug? If you have, just forget that you ever did. Don’t go there, don’t talk about it, don’t look into it. It’s a twilight zone, a 50’s ghost town throwback remeniscent of a landscape you might see in a Fall Out game.  

If you’re fool enough to turn off there, you begin to feel as though you’ve been drawn into a cult: where the closer you look the more you start to realize that the entire town is run by the same people, and it all has this bizarre, fairly well kept, pseudo-western facade on everything. 

It’s​ a place where if you spend too much time there, you’ll leave and realize that twenty years have passed and the world has continued to go on without you, but​ you never had a clue, because in Wall Drug things stayed exactly the same. The coffee was always 5¢. The food was always overpriced and disappointing. The jackalopes were always oddly disturbing, with their pheasant tail feathers and their bizarre bird feet.

You’ll never go back, of course, but Wall Drug will forever lurk at the back of your mind. You’ll always wonder if it was actually real, because you’ve never heard anyone else ever talk about it, and part of you will always feel like it’s being drawn back there to see if you can figure out just what was the deal with that place. And if you ever find yourself in a little town that has a distinctly old West vibe to it, you’ll start to think that maybe you never actually left Wall Drug after all. 


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