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Oh boy. Montana yield lights are confusing and pretty stupid.

That said, we’ve got a dented U-haul trailer, and​ a Jeep with the tow bar and part of the chassis half ripped off. 

The poor lady who hit the trailer in the intersection has no car now though, so she’s definitely worse off than us 😢 

The warranty on the trailer has basically paid for itself threefold though, and U-haul has set us up in a hotel for the night here in Missoula, and is helping us take care of the trailer (that got towed to a lot immediately following the accident).

The Jeep is unable to drive us to our destination now, so that’s a work in progress. After the accident, we had someone look at it and turns out the underside of the back end is so rusted out that it’s a wonder it held out so long. In truth I’m grateful that things went down like this, because if that tow bar had decided to go out at any other time it might have been disastrous. 

So we’re looking into other vehicle options right now, but we’re safe and unharmed. I don’t know if I can say the same for everything in the trailer, because I haven’t been able to look into it yet! Fingers crossed. 

As far as we could tell the other driver was okay. We heard that she was probably concussed, and they took her to the hospital, but she was up and walking on her own. Thank God we were both insured! We were cited for a basic traffic violation (failing to yield), and hopefully that’s as far as it goes. 

Hoping that tomorrow is smoother and quicker moving! 



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