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In light of getting a new phone soon, I was transferring all my photos from my iPhone to my desktop computer and ended up looking through them all, and was reminded of my first and only modeling experience about a year ago.

It was a couple weeks after I’d sliced the tip of my thumb off at work, and it was the first day I’d gone all day without it being wrapped up or covered, because it was healing nicely.

I was doing a little runway walk for a Mary Kay event, modeling an outfit from a local shop that had some really nice women’s business attire (in other words, I was looking pretty fly). In the changing room backstage at the event, I was one of the last people to get ready because I’m slow and unsure, and because I was taking care to not bump my thumb on anything.

Well, bump it I did- or caught it or snagged it or WHATEVER- and the scab that had formed started coming off and it started bleeding everywhere. And did I, being the grown up adult that I am, think to bring any backup bandaging with me to a modeling event? Of course not!

So there I was- wearing really nice clothes that still had the tags on because they were going back to the store- with a bleeding thumb that I kept having to rinse off in the adjoining bathroom sink. I asked some of the other ladies that were modeling if anyone had a band-aid, or at least some tape, but no such luck.

Finally (and yes, I was the LAST model to join the queue), I just wrapped it really tightly in a bit of paper towel, folded my thumb inside my fist, and decided to just keep that hand closed.

So that turned out fine, but then after we’d all walked individually they sent us out again in single file, and halfway through the lights in the ENTIRE BUILDING went out completely. Which was ACTUALLY a blessing in disguise, because my shoes were a little too big, and one of them had started falling off. The back of it was folded under my heel, making walking almost impossible, so the lights going out provided me with the five seconds I needed to reach down and fix my shoe, and finish the walk like nothing had even happened.

As far as I could tell, I was the only model that kept malfunctioning, but it was a ton of fun, and made me realize just how fast your brain has to think to cover up these little things going wrong so that no one notices. 10/10 would model again.



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