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look at us. just, as a people, as a person, as each and every individual. we’re something pretty special, aren’t we?

well no, actually we’re not.

we are disgusting. right down to our very soul-core, we are wrong, and twisted, and disgusting.

the things we do, the things we think, the things we want to do. we are vile. unclean. tainted by sins; lust, greed, envy, anger.

we are disgusting.

and yet.

and yet.
we have been gifted with something unimaginably, indescribably, unfathomably wonderful.

we have been given today.

each and every day we are given, is a gift. mostly we abuse this gift, but it is still there. given freely.

given freely, no less, by someone who loves us so much despite our faults, despite our disgusting hearts, despite our ugliness, that he gave everything so that we might have each and every day.

he gave of himself so freely, so that our cruel, mindless, pointless little existence could have every day.

but the point of that, is so that we could have a point.

we have been given a point, along with our every day. we have been given the greatest reason on heaven and earth to live each day to the fullest, being the beautiful race this gift has transformed us into- if we have let it.

if we have let it, this gift has so completely transformed us from the inside out, that it has cleansed us, washed us of impurities and made us new. made us a people to stand unashamed in the sun, declaring with our beautiful voices the glory of the one who has given us this gift.

so let us shed this ugliness, this disgusting nature, shrugging it off to be no more, and let the glory shine from our new skin.

let us be beautiful.

because every day is a gift, and it is our calling to make that gift a beautiful one.



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