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I went to town yesterday.
I met a thoroughly pleasant young man at Super Supplements, and I can’t quite shake the feeling that I would like to go back sometime just to see him (His name was Jeremy, and he wore his dark hair back in a little pony, and had sideburns.). I had a failed shopping trip to Beau Monde, which gained me no clothing, and instead made me depressed about my thighs.

So I went to Starbucks. Once there, I supplied myself with an iced coffee, banana bread, and an Ethos water. I chose a table by the window, where I could easily people watch (that being a favorite pastime of mine) and settled down with a vintage book (“Very Good, Jeeves”, from the late 1920’s).

Seated nearby were three people going cheerfully through the motions of redoing a website for their remodeling business (which I will admit to finding amusingly ironic), and just outside my window sat a middle aged man, smoking a cigar which had smelt entirely pleasant on my way in, and had reminded me of waiting for a train on an old wooden bridge in the bleak winter. I wiled away the time with Herbie Wooster and Jeeves for a spell, and then turned to several vain attempts at poetry, and a small red book; “20,000 Words” (essentially, a dictionary without the descriptions- also a vintage).

When the time came to be off, the mother and I hastened to Hastings, where we promptly proceeded to weep over a children’s book in the middle of the store. I suppose one could say the evening went downhill from there, accumulating in botched dinner plans and a headache like to split my very skull in two, but all I need is to think back on the excitement and joy that had threatened to burst my heart at the coffee shoppe, and I am reassured that this trip to town was, indeed, a splendid affair.


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