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Otherwise known as a Chocolate Orange Hazelnut Tart.

DSC_0072Yeah, you read that right. I made it over the holidays, and it was flipping amazing, let me tell you. It didn’t last long enough, as per usual in our household, but it was really amazing with the pumpkin pie liqueur we had…

DSC_0077And since it was the beautiful holidays, I had access to a perfect little setting for my gorgeous tart pictures.

DSC_0080So, what we’re looking at here, is a basic tart crust, a layer of orange custard, a massive layer of orange/chocolate ganache, and finally chopped hazelnuts on top (which unfortunately I forgot to toast before putting on)

DSC_0085But it was amazing anyways. So there. I would make it again in a heartbeat, and really should some day.

This has been another Food Blog.
Peace out, homies.



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Three delightful foods I made over the holidays!

1. Peppermint Muffins w/Fudge Frosting.

DSC_0006I used my trusty muffin recipe, and added a bag of peppermint tea to the batter, then made my favorite fudge frosting. They were delightful.

2. More muffins! What a surprise!

DSC_0050These ones were all lovely orange. Orangey muffins, orangey frosting, they were wonderful. And when you add teeny orange wedges to anything, it automatically becomes better. This is fact.


DSC_0068Maybe it doesn’t look like much. It was amazing. Gourmet tuna, I guess you could call it. We had just watched a t.v. show about the best sandwiches in the USA, and we were all starving, and all I could think about was sandwiches. And this was born.
I can’t remember all the details, but I know that I mixed canned tuna with some egg, possibly some mayonnaise, sweet onion mustard, parsley, dill, and maybe a couple other things. I then formed it carefully into a patty, and fried it in an already heated cast iron pan with olive oil.
In the meantime, I toasted to pieces of sourdough bread, and mixed up a little spread of mayonnaise, lemon juice, dill, and parsley. I put that goodness on the bread, and melted some cheddar cheese on the tuna patty, and put it all together and OH MY ACTUAL GOODNESS.

It was beautiful. Just… beautiful.

I think I love food too much.

That’s all I have for now.

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