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Some cool things,

I quit my job. Ha!

I have a new one and I love it, so there’s that. I work with fantastic people, I work for a fantastic business owner, I work in a beautiful brand new building, I get to make quality coffees with some really great beans supplied by a local roasting company. It’s all good.

Some good stuff.


We have our own lil home now. Cute lil apartment, but we’re poor and can’t buy any furniture yet so no pictures for a while.

But soon it will be full of plants and style and hopefully a cat.

I didn’t realize how much I miss cats until I got to visit one the other day, and I honestly feel like my life is just missing something so important.

I miss my family too. I miss being at mom and dad’s house with my siblings there, I miss Idaho weather, I miss real mountains and evergreens.

We went into Big Lots last night to buy a garbage can, and when Seth told the cashier his phone number for his member account, the guy was like “That’s an Idaho number!” So we told him that we had just moved from Coeur d’Alene, and he said “I’m from St. Maries!” Craziest thing ever. Smol world, sometimes.



(Also, Ikea is the actual best.)


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